Wildlife Photography Awards Prove Animals Are Funnier Than Humans

Humans ar funny and every one however animals ar clearly funnier. One factor is sure as shooting, whenever I hang around with animals I perpetually kid all of the funny and odd things they are doing.

Animals ar therefore funny indeed there’s a replacement contest for life photographers referred to as the Comedy life Photography Awards. this is often the primary year the competition was control and photographers from fifty two countries submitted the funniest photos of untamed animals captured on their cameras. Judges then looked through one,502 entries and proclaimed forty five finalists.

Wildlife artist and founding father of the competition Paul Joynson-Hicks same, “I can’t believe the unimaginable quantity of entries we’ve got achieved in our initial year and from such a lot of totally different countries, its terribly exciting so.”

According to the official rules all submissions had to be taken of untamed animals, no facility animals or domesticated pets, however that didn’t build judgment the photos an excessive amount of easier. Joynson-Hicks same, “Judging was implausibly onerous as we have a tendency to had plenty of uproarious pictures to do and whittle away to the ultimate forty five. i feel individuals have very enjoyed this competition, one thing a bit bit totally different. It undoubtedly exceeds our expectations for our inaugural year.”

The final stage of judgment takes place later this month, and therefore the winners are going to be unconcealed on Armistice Day. There ar some pretty sweet prizes at stake, as well as photographic safaris in southern African country and Nikon cameras.

Get a decent laugh gazing a number of the highest challenger photos from the Comedy life Photography Awards.


This loveable white sifaka in Madagascar is either obtaining right down to “Saturday Night Fever” or enjoying a ruminative yoga flow.

Photo Credit: Barrie Walsh

Bird The Barber

Photo Credit: playwright Walsh

Hippo Going nutty Over Birds

Photo Credit: Marc Mol

Exxxxcellent– These 2 ar Clearly Plotting World Domination

Photo Credit: Aaron Karnovsky

Crowded House– It’s Time To Upgrade To a much bigger Tree

Photo Credit: Graham McGeorge

Evil Knievels– wherever ar The Keys, They’ve ought to Be Here Somewhere

Photo Credit: Simon Slater

Picking A Winner

Photo Credit: Oli Dreike

Bleating uproarious

Credit: Yuzuru Masuda

I Thought I Told You we have a tendency to ar Done Stealing Cars

Credit: Christina Alexander

Leggy Models invariably Fighting Over Camera Time

Credit: Janet Miles

Belly Laughs For Days

Credit: Julie Hunt

Oh, Nuts!

Photo Credit: John Brown

Kung prisoner Squirrel

Credit: Julian Rad

Even Birds Have unhealthy Hair Days

Credit: Michael Erwin


Credit: Renata Ewald

I’m Camouflaged… Right?

Photo Credit: William Richardson

Rebel Of The Forest

Photo Credit: Gil Gofer

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Wildlife Photography Awards Prove Animals Are Funnier Than Humans

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