That’s why women in China do not suffer from breast cancer!

Jane Plant was a famous professor in the field of geochemistry, a loving wife and mother, when in 1987 she suddenly discovered breast cancer.

It would seem that her happy and productive life ended. The woman had 4 times a relapse, but Jane did not want to give up and struggled with the disease by all possible methods. Jane’s husband, also a well-known scientist, at that time worked in China. Together with his colleagues, he made an amazing discovery, which shed light on why women in China do not suffer from breast cancer.

The wonderful technique that the couple developed, helped Jane eventually defeat cancer!

It should be noted that the discovery of scientists is still the subject of many disputes and discussions. Therefore, only you decide whether to apply this technique to yourself.

“For a long time I could not understand why Chinese women do not suffer from breast cancer. When I myself faced this disease, I decided to study this issue in as much detail as possible, says Jane Plant. – My colleagues and I tried to find this logical explanation, studying their daily life, exercise and diet. At first our attention was attracted by the fact that in the diet of Chinese women there was very little fat – 14%, compared to 36%, which contains the Western European diet. Nevertheless, this explanation did not suit us. Firstly, there is no evidence that a high level of fat in the diet increases the risk of developing cancer. And secondly, I myself all my life adhered to a diet low in fat.

A product that is not in the Chinese diet

But one day, one of my colleagues came up with a wonderful idea: “The Chinese do not consume milk products!” When we thought about it, we felt that we were approaching a really big discovery! At last everything began to fall into place!

I was shocked. As it turned out, milk and milk products were the cause of most allergies. Not surprising, because 70% of the world’s population can not tolerate milk sugar – lactose. Before I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I consumed a lot of milk: yogurts, yogurt, cheese and cottage cheese. In truth, it was my main source of protein! Our doctors consider dairy products very useful for health, but the Chinese do not completely share our love for dairy food. They do not even eat cheese and ice cream!

In 1989, a study showed that yogurt can be the cause of ovarian cancer!

Dr. Daniel Krammer of Harvard University examined hundreds of women with this diagnosis and carefully studied their diet. After this discovery, I completely abandoned all products containing milk. I suddenly realized that we use milk in many dishes – biscuits, pastries, margarine, soy products, ready-made soups contain milk to a greater or lesser extent.

The tumor disappeared 6 weeks after I gave up the milk products!

After I refused milk products, a tumor that failed to overcome chemotherapy, declined in a few days. It seemed incredible! Two weeks after the second course of chemotherapy, the tumor on the neck began to itch, then it became soft, then decreased, and eventually disappeared altogether!
Doctors did not believe their eyes, but all the examinations confirmed – the tumor was not just suppressed, it disappeared altogether! And this is 6 weeks after I completely refused milk products.

Of course, most doctors are very skeptical of my discovery. However, for me, the link between breast cancer and the use of dairy products is also evident, like the link between lung cancer and smoking. Refusal of milk not only cured me of cancer, but also adjusted my hormonal balance. Therefore, if you still find it hard to believe that this method works, look at me. I am a living confirmation of this! ”

The story of this woman overturns all ideas about healthy nutrition. And what do you think about this? Should I give up dairy products in order to maintain my health?

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That’s why women in China do not suffer from breast cancer!

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