Obama vs. Trump. The difference between a gentleman and a clown

Two presidents, two completely different characters. At least that was the day before, when a whole world was able to observe and compare the former and current US president: Barack Obama and Donald Trump. And the vote of popularity came to Obama, who demonstrated what it means to respect women.

Barack Obama won the public’s sympathy, putting him in a shadow over the new US president, Donald Trump. Hundreds of millions of Americans and not only watched the two, and they noticed details that do nothing to the present boss of the most powerful nation.

Here are the main moments highlighted by the Overseas Press, in which Donald Trump proves misogyny and poor growth, while Barack Obama acts as a gentleman.

Reception at the White House

Journalists speculated the moment of receiving the new presidential couple at the White House by Barack and Michelle Obama and made a parallel with the similar event that occurred eight years ago. From the published pictures it can be clearly seen how, once in front of the presidential palace, Donald Trump descends from the car and gives his hand to Barack Obama, while Melania Trump gets down alone and appears in the frame a few moments later, being barely noticed by her husband.

The picture coincides greatly with the one when Barack and Michelle Obama arrived at the White House in 2009 when the two were met by George and Laura Bush. Just as the difference in behavior is huge. Barack Obama descends from his car and stops waiting for his wife to smile, which he grabs elegantly by his hand. In the images of eight years ago it can be clearly seen how Michelle is the first to step on the White House stairs, and behind him as a real gentleman, Barack.

Departing from the White House

Another intense moment was the one on the steps of the Capitol. After taking over and taking the oath by Donald Trump, the time has come. On the steps of the Capitol, the two presidential couples have appeared to the public for the last time. Only here was the difference between the two men.

In the pictures captured by the cameramen, one can see how Melania Trump joins her husband, who puts her head slightly at her and smiles briefly. Meanwhile, Barack Obama grabs his wife’s hand with his left hand and kisses him in a gesture of an extraordinary naturalness that highlights the warm and respectful relationship between the two.

Affirmations about women

During the campaign, a series of statements made over time by Donald Trump came out and aroused controversy. “Grasse”, “Cates”, “Disgusting Animals” and “Puturoase” are just some of the insults the politician has shocked women around the world. Notorious is the aggressive statement made to TV star Rosie O’Donnell. “Rosie O’Donnell is disgusting, both inside and out. How did he get to television? (…) If I were to be her boss, I would look at her fat and ugly face and say, “Rosie, you’re fired!” ”

Barack Obama, in turn, is recognized for his feminist attitude. “We have to change the attitude that allows women to harass daily, whether they go to the street or dare to sail online. We have to change the way men think that they are threatened by women’s presence and success,” wrote the former US president – an essay published in the Glamor magazine.

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Obama vs. Trump. The difference between a gentleman and a clown

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