How to get rid of stress and anxiety in less than a minute

Eight essential points of acupressure to relieve stress and relieve stress.
There are sometimes situations where stress can be a beneficial factor in our lives, stimulating us to become even better in what we do. But rarely this happens and often stress has negative effects on our health, even if we do not realize and do not immediately feel that. There are serious health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes that can be caused by stress and how the current lifestyle always puts our nerves to the test, it is good to learn to get rid of this permanent state of tension that we consumes so much.

One of the fastest and easiest ways to relieve stress is to focus on a few key body pressure points to relieve stress.

Massaging for 10-15 seconds of this point helps to relieve anxiety and pressure in the chest area.

With fingers from a close hand, massage the area behind your head for 20 seconds at the point where the skull joins your neck.
The stomach

Applying pressure in this place helps create a motion that relieves Pepe and diaphragm and helps improve breathing.

Pressing the point in the middle of the palm has a beneficial influence on the heart, liver and pancreas.

In the calf area, press for 10 seconds the point indicated in the picture below to increase the energy level, concentrate power and relieve fatigue.

Massage the point in the center of the chest with three fingers for 20 seconds. This helps to relieve anxiety, stress and calm the nervous system.

Applying pressure in the area of ​​the soles leads to the balance of the energy flow throughout the body and, implicitly, to the removal of anxiety and stress.

This would be one of the most effective stress relieving points, according to . Easily massage with an earstick or a pen area on the top of the ear for a few seconds, as you can see in the picture below. Throughout this time you inspire and expire deeply.

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How to get rid of stress and anxiety in less than a minute

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