Eight smartphone applications you did not know about them

Practical and ingenious.

Few are today, those who do not have a smartphone. Some even have two. And this is not very difficult to understand given the multitude of facilities they have. To be able to enjoy as much as a smartphone, it’s good to be up to date with everything he can do. We present you, in the next few moments, some useful applications that perhaps you did not know about.

For the latest Android versions there is a menu option called “App Cloner” to duplicate any applications you need. This is useful for those who have multiple accounts on social networks. Those who do not have this option on the phone can download it from here .

Whoever wants to download media from YouTube can do this for free with applications such as Videoder .

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If you do not know, your smartphone can be used as a digital scale. For small objects, of course. An application such as Working Scale Free can help you do this.

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Do you want to read something online and have access to the dictionary, for example, at the same time? There is the “Multi-Window” application for this.

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Using the Internet abroad can be quite costly. To access maps offline, it’s best to download them to your phone, leave your GPS open, but close your internet connection. Thus, your location on the map will be possible by satellite, at no additional cost.

With the NFC communication system, which many smartphones have, you can make direct payments with your phone. Android Play and Apple Pay systems will turn the phone into a digital wallet.

Did you know you can use your phone as a scanner? Apps like CamScanner will help you do this.


The Google Goggles app lets you search for anything you want on the internet without typing words in the search box. Just shoot the product / object you want details and ready.


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Eight smartphone applications you did not know about them

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