A Young Woman who take shot in kosovo at the hieght

Bärta Zabergja is a young woman from Prishtina, Kosovo, who has made a variety of landscapes differently. At the same time, they are self-portraits – in each of the pictures appears itself, photographed from the back.

The story series begins two years ago, when Blerta first got to the top of the mountain and realized it was the most intense and beautiful experience he had ever experienced before. “I felt like being up is filling me with lust for life more than anything else.

I could finally really breathe and feel the sweet taste of the air there. “Then a few years later, he discovered his favorite place in the world, up on a roof. He returned to his sixth birthday on the same roof and made his first picture in the series.

In 2012 he enrolled that image in a National Geographic competition reached the cover of the prestigious magazine. As she herself says, “I felt like Alice in Wonderland, a great man, with his face turned to the chaos of the real world! I love the heights and I made this self-portrait to immortalize the feeling this experience gives me. ”








source :toxel

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A Young Woman who take shot in kosovo at the hieght

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